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Playlist 18 May 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Streetlight Manifesto The Three Of Us The Hands That Thieve Victory
2 Miles To Perdition Blasphemous Rhapsody Blasphemous Rhapsody (self-released)
3 Miles To Perdition Ally And Eradicate Blasphemous Rhapsody (self-released)
4 Miles To Perdition Pray To Destroy Blasphemous Rhapsody (self-released)
5 Inconcessus Lux Lucis Panic Fuel. Lo! Irk! Disintegration: Psalms Of Veneration For The Nefarious Elite Nomos Dei
6 Khors In The Cold Embrace Of Mist Mysticism (re-release) Svarga
7 Aghor Delirium Necrolivonica Offense
8 Ambient Death City Of The Silent Dismembering The Image Of God Silverharp
9 Man Meets Bear Waabgonii Giizis Waagaaskingaa Label Fantastic!
10 Body Futures That's So Church Brand New Silhouettes Latest Flame
11 Repeat After Me I'm Going Back Mapmaker Russian Winter
12 Heavy Hand Winner Winner (Beer for Dinner) Northwoods Knives Latest Flame
13 Schoolyards Stubborn Fear (EP) (self-released)
14 M185 Soon Soon (single) Siluh
15 Sivert Høyem Wat Tyler Endless Love Club Link
16 Bob Wayne Hillbilly Heaven Back To The Camper People Like You
17 Sassparilla When You're The Devil Pasajero / Hullabaloo Fluff & Gravy
18 Fredrik Georg Eriksson Labels On End Labels On End (Single) Novoton
19 Borderline Symphony Night Panther EP 1 Russian Winter
20 Stereostar Sixty Nine The Architect 31 West 8th Street 16,1°
21 Zaius Séance Divided By Tides (EP) (self-released)


Miles To Perdition

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