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Playlist 25 May 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Atrocity Death By Metal Okkult Napalm
2 Space Eater Unjagged Passing Through The Fire Of Molech Pure Steel
3 Ashura Reap What You Sow Mindhood Earthquake Terror Noise
4 Dust Bolt Soul Erazor Awake The Riot Napalm
5 Black Anvil Redemption Through Blood Hail Death Relapse
6 Serpentine Path House Of Worship Emanations Relapse
7 War Messiah Kill Your Priest Graveyard Feeding All Seeing Eye Art
8 Warckon The Weak High Treason Emanes Metal
9 The Hate Colony Recheck Navigate Trøndercore
10 The Austerity Program Song 30 Beyond Calculation Controlled Burn
11 Lava 303 feat. Jet Moon Everything's About Politics Political (EP) Playground
12 Lava 303, Jan Umsonst, Conni Protest Scheiss Verein (Conni Protest) Tanzdemo Playground
13 Lavatch Realm Of Shades Mental Deterioration Mudcore
14 Retrace My Fragments Rime Of The Instant Space Traveller Ethereal Flux (self-released)
15 Annisokay Sky The Lucid Dream[er] Steamhammer / SPV
16 Eat The Gun Wake Me Up Wake Me Up (Single) Steamhammer / SPV
17 Eric Johnson Zenland Europe Live Provogue / Mascot
18 The Megs Blackout Awakening Pure Steel
19 Fallen Order Stand Together The Age Of Kings (self-released)
20 Dead Side FDH Sous les cendres M & O
21 Dead Side Sous les cendres Sous les cendres M & O
22 Dead Side Hématome Sous les cendres M & O


Dead Side

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