Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 14 December 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Like Like The The The Death Cropsies Cave Jenny Latest Flame
2 Post Honeymoon Blue Jack Christmas Blue Jack Christmas (Single) (self-released)
3 Shane Alexander Christmastime Is On My Mind Christmastime Is On My Mind (single) Elevate
4 Magnum On Christmas Day (radio edit) On Christmas Day (single) Steamhammer / SPV
5 Raskasta Joulua The Sparrow On A Christmas Morning Ragnarok Juletide Spinefarm
6 Corners Of Sanctuary Jingle Bells Merry Metal Xmas 2 (EP) March Baby
7 Lords Of The Trident What Child Is This A Very Lords Of The Trident Christmas (EP) Junko Johnson
8 6:33 I'm A Nerd Deadly Scenes Kaotoxin
9 Pryapisme IV - Petit traitÚ de futurologie sur l'Homo cretinus trampolinis (et son annexe sur les nageoires caudales) Futurologie (EP) Apathia
10 Fat Supper Narvana Academic Sausage Les Disques Normal
11 The Feather Sighs Sighs (Single) Pop Up / Jaune Orange
12 The Vals Echoes Of Summer Echoes Of Summer (EP) Pop Up
13 We Only Said (Along All) Boring Pools Boring Pools Les Disques Normal / Differ-Ant
14 Riti Occulti Alcyone Riti Occulti (re-release) Nordavind
15 Calm Hatchery Bomby nad Warszawa Fading Reliefs Selfmade God
16 B÷sedeath Creative Methods Of Vaginal Demolishment Impaled From The Left Rotten Roll Rex
17 Caedere Union Of Substitutes The Lost Conveyance Sevared
18 Emrevoid Il Tuo Disegno Riverso (EP) Drown Within
19 Cvinger Anno Inferni The Enthronement Ov Diabolical Souls (self-released)
20 Atriarch Revenant An Unending Pathway Relapse
21 The Hate Colony Nothing Less Navigate Tr°ndercore
22 The Hate Colony Trigger Navigate Tr°ndercore
23 The Hate Colony Where Worlds Collide Navigate Tr°ndercore


The Hate Colony

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