Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 22 February 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Versus You You Are My Friend Moving On Flix / Noiseworks / G Chord
2 Communicaution Life Takes A Lifetime Unfixed Noiseworks
3 Tëschegas Flèche du Sud Flèche du Sud (Single) (self-released)
4 NitroVolt Hold On The Trace Dirty Wings Mausoleum
5 WhiskeyDick Drunk As Hell From The Devil's Boots Yeehah
6 Monster Magnet Mindless Ones '68 Milking The Stars: A Re-imaging Of Last Patrol Napalm
7 Leather Nun America Into Abyss Buddha Knievel Nine
8 Viajando Nothing Is Sacred Counting Days (EP) (self-released)
9 The Rutabega Shiny Destination Shiny Destination (7-Inch) Triple Eye Industries
10 The Maniacs Shelter Shelter (Single) Against 'em All
11 David Lund Visual Side Effects Ever Depot 214
12 Eggs Laid By Tigers The Molls This Red-Eyed Earth ILK
13 Bovee J-E-N-O-V-A The Retrospective Album (self-released)
14 The Disliked Walk Hotel No 25 Ashcan
15 Fractal Universe Boundaries Of Reality Boundaries Of Reality (EP) (self-released)
16 Sacral Rage Panic In The Urals (Burning Skies) Illusions In Infinite Void Cruz Del Sur
17 Taelus Naga Taelus (EP) (self-released)
18 Steve Rothery The Ghosts Of Pripyat The Ghosts Of Pripyat InsideOut
19 Arktis/Air Hotbed En-Trance (self-relased)
20 Arktis/Air Poskok En-Trance (self-relased)
21 Arktis/Air Luv En-Trance (self-relased)



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