Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 1 March 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Akroma Simon La Cčne Fantai'Zic
2 The Disliked Le Captain Hotel No 25 Ashcan
3 The Disliked John Ragga's Baggage Hotel No 25 Ashcan
4 The Disliked Lezâmi(e)s Hotel No 25 Ashcan
5 The Disliked KC Jones Gang Hotel No 25 Ashcan
6 Mothers Finest Another Day Goody 2 Shoes & The Filthy Beasts Steamhammer / SPV
7 Mile Me Deaf Digital Memory File Eerie Bits Of Future Trips Siluh
8 Prong Kids Of The Black Hole Songs From The Black Hole Steamhammer / SPV
9 Messenger Kill The King Captain's Lost Massacre
10 Canedy Madman Headbanger Nire
11 Mabel Greer's Toyshop Get Yourself Together New Way Of Life RSK
12 Tony Mills My Death Over My Dead Body Battleground
13 Ida Gard Running Up That Hill When Are You Gonna Come? Oh My Gard
14 Soup Moat Comfy One Enjoy Your Hobbies (7-Inch) Triple Eye Industries
15 Taelus How She Disappeared Taelus (EP) (self-released)
16 Taelus Eurynome Taelus (EP) (self-released)
17 Taelus Vampire Blood Taelus (EP) (self-released)


The Disliked, Taelus

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