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Playlist 8 March 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Cosmogon Thhhooorrrsssgggooorrrp Chaos Magnum (self-released)
2 Lost In Pain Sodom Plague Inc. Noiseworks
3 Endless Void Spiritualistic Medium Apparitions (self-released)
4 Iron Kobra Wut im Bauch Might & Magic Dying Victims
5 Running Death Psycho Overdrive Punishment 18
6 Evil Invaders Pulses Of Pleasure Pulses Of Pleasure Napalm
7 Lords of the Trident Kill To Die Frostburn Junko Johnson / Killer Metal
8 Funerary Bell Afterlife On Earth Graveyard Sťance (EP) Saturnal
9 Red Apollo Dissociative Altruist Moment Of Collapse
10 Raging Speedhorn Halfway To Hell Halfway To Hell (Single) Palm Reader
11 6:33 Lazy Boy Deadly Scenes Kaotoxin
12 The Maniacs Summer Die Option Against 'em All
13 The Shanes The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (Single) Sumo Rex
14 Carnival Youth Traffic Lights Never Have Enough Pop Up
15 City Of Ships Metadata Blues Ultraluminal Golden Antenna
16 Crowned In Earth But An Echo Metempsychosis Sonic Mermaid
17 Crowned In Earth Summer's Pride Metempsychosis Sonic Mermaid
18 Crowned In Earth Morning Light Metempsychosis Sonic Mermaid


Crowned In Earth

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