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Playlist 19 April 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 A Hero Build Exit Prospects (EP) Giljotina
2 Annisokay Traveler Enigmatic Smile Long Branch
3 Cassée My Underwear Cassée (self-released)
4 Cassée I Don't Give A Shit Anymore Cassée (self-released)
5 Cassée Conformism Cassée (self-released)
6 Zapruder Cyclops Fall In Line Apathia
7 Minsk The Way Is Through The Crash And The Draw Relapse
8 Cancer Bats Satellites Searching For Zero Noisechurch
9 Sipping Soleil Vert Fin d'une ère M & O
10 Apocalyptica Shadowmaker Shadowmaker Harmageddon
11 Kamelot Insomnia Haven Napalm
12 Killer Monsters Of Rock Monsters Of Rock Mausoleum
13 Xebrula Flanked Demo 2015 (self-released)
14 Arhythmy Distress The Finest Noise Sampler 31 The Finest Noise
15 Arhythmy Disenchantment Disaster Manual (self-released)
16 Arhythmy Gates Disaster Manual (self-released)


Cassée, Arhythmy

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