400 COLPI - Homo Homini Lupus

400 Colpi - Homo Homini Lupus

10 songs
28:26 minutes
***** **
Chorus Of One


400 Colpi was originally the title of a drama by François Truffaut in the year 1959. Since 2007, there has been a same titled band in Italy. Shorty after the inception, they released a demo CD with three tracks. The first longplayer Homo Homini Lupus followed in 2009.

The band decided to sing in their native language, which due to the vocalist’s angry and hysterical delivery hardly ever attracts attention. Although the short half hour is filled with unrelenting brutality, 400 Colpi manage to not always sound the same. Some tracks like the opener Kane and Neve contain great screamo parts, while M. should rather appeal to the metalcore fraction. At times things get really hectic which also works great with the band, as can be heard on L’Uomo Infesta. A break to catch your breath comes in the middle of the album with the sixth track Sabra E Shatila, a rather relaxed instrumental with a refreshing impact.

400 Colpi have done quite well on their debut. They do everything right for their chosen musical direction, but fail to bring new elements in the genre. Nonetheless, Homo Homini Lupus is a solid hardcore album that deserves to be checked out.

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