THE 4 EVAS - Break Out

The 4 Evas - Break Out

10 songs
47:37 minutes
***** *
Finest Noise


Beware of false advertising! First of all the 4 Evas are only a trio, and secondly they are all three of them men, so no Eva among them. I have no idea where they are from, but the band members all have English sounding names. They consider themselves an international act that plays neo pop, which in this case is a symbiosis of pop, rock and R&B.

More traditionally speaking, one could label their music as alternative rock with occasional mainstream parts, which isn’t meant here in a pejorative way. My Way Home is for instance a somewhat melancholic song which would have hit potential if played a little less askew. The following Gave My All isn’t bad either and reminds a little of Faith No More, without their subtlety though. I could go on with comparisons, as everything the 4 Evas are playing sounds familiar from other bands who most of the time did it all just a little better. Nevertheless Break Out is a rather pleasant affair that never offends and maybe will even find its audience. Only Glimmer Of Hope turns out to be a very nasty kitsch ballad.

Their talent is undeniable, but it is also obvious that the 4 Evas still have a long way ahead of them. The band has to find the courage to leave hold of their idols in order to bring more own ideas into their songs. A somewhat harder and dirtier sound would also be welcome.

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