6:33 - Orphan Of Good Manners

6:33 - Orphan Of Good Manners

10 songs
43:01 minutes
***** ****
M & O Music


Bands who have chosen numbers as their names are rare, although I can think of 1997, 2227 and 35007. French metal band 6:33 chose a time of day, and I have to admit that I haven’t come across this in all my years of listening to music.

Just as unusual as their name is the band’s look that reminded me not only a little of Slipknot. 6:33 label their musical orientation as open metal, meaning that they are open for any and all influences. And that’s why at the very latest on the second track you won’t be surprised anymore that new breaks are occurring like every thirty seconds. The band is acting very playfully and overwhelms their audience with extremely progressive and complex structures. I haven’t heard anything insane since the early Mr Bungle days. The songs are brimming with ideas and sometimes it’s hard to follow their thread. I don’t mind as occasionally pure head music can be rather entertaining, especially when the perpetrators are not trying to follow any current trends.

The two duelling singers are delivering an energetic performance full of brutal screams, tenor vocals, clean vocals, cabaret and sweet pop melodies. The band is also not afraid to venture into electronic territory as can be testified on Little Silly Thing Pt. 1 and the Prodigy like The Fall Of Pop. The only failure is Drunk In Krakow, whose soul pop flair makes it sound like a Terence Trent D’Arby song. We are compensated with the concluding title track, dripping with kitsch in a splendid Rocky Horror Picture Show way.

6:33 try consciously to sound different, and they succeed. One might accuse the band of not being able to settling on one specific genre, but maybe that’s just their recipe for success. I can’t imagine that everyone will fall for this album, but open-minded metal fans will love Orphan Of Good Manners from the first note to the last.

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