THE ABSENCE - From Your Grave

The Absence - From Your Grave

10 songs
42:24 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


The Absence from Tampa, Florida recorded their first EP at the famous Morrisound studios. No cliché was left out, making you believe that they are a typical American death metal band. But not at all, or at least nearly not at all. The Absence started as a way to exercise their love for European styled metal, especially the Scandinavian brand. And after only a few chords into the opener A Breath Beneath, I could have sworn that they are from Sweden.

One of the big differences between The Absence and many other death metal bands are the extremely harmonic guitars. I suppose that these melody lines could disturb some death metal fans, but juxtaposing these melodies with astonishingly fast drums and angry, disturbed screams and growls makes the magic behind The Absence's music. The songwriting isn't bad at all and the production is another highlight. The songs are full of variety. There are more extreme songs like the title track and more melodic ones like Heaven Ablaze. After a short three quarters of an hour, you will be really disappointed that this superb album has already come to an end.

Although it's nowadays extremely hard, The Absence manage to be an innovative death metal band that is able to put lots of variation into their songs. They could soon be a part of the death metal premiere league. At least they deserve it.

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