AGRARIANS - Meet We The Medicine

Agrarians - Meet We The Medicine

11 songs
33:01 minutes
***** ***


It’s not even been a year since I was first introduced to Baltimore lo-fi artists The Agrarians, and Meet We The Medicine is already the sixth release I have the honour to review. It would be easy to always rehash the same recipe, but The Agrarians surprise this time with a fuller sound than on their previous efforts. Still remaining faithful to analogous recording, this time on 4-track tape, The Agrarians combine acoustic and electric and bass guitar, casios and percussion into a charming that manages to stay rooted in their singer/songwriter tradition but adds at the same time a wider dimension to their sound. This combined with the shorter running time (it’s rare to have an Agrarians album shorter than one hour) should make Meet We The Medicine one of their more accessible outputs.

The poetical lyrics are probably only fathomable by students of the higher arts, but the overall feeling is one of longing and melancholy. The Agrarians are still far away from being a run-of-the-mill indie bands, their sound is way too unpolished for that, but Meet We The Medicine puts them into the tradition of other hyperactive lo-fi artists like Robert Pollard for instance. Except that the Agrarians still don’t plan on becoming that big, yet, as their new album is limited to a 60 copies release.

Once again, the Baltimore based Agrarians please their audience with a quirky journey into their strange thoughts and sometimes stranger melodies, but the added instruments make for a more varied listening experience, turning this new album into an ideal access point into their unique sonic landscape.

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