THE AUDITION - Controversy Loves Company

theAudition - Controversy Loves Company

10 songs
30:34 minutes
***** ***
Victory Records


theAudition really is a strange way to write a band name. The five piece from Chicago has just released a debut CD that is less strange and offers ten tracks with a wide range of pop, punk and emotional elements. The songs are very accessible, the arrangements are wonderful, the choruses are catchy and the vocalist really has a firm and charismatic voice. The recipe seems perfect to create a killer album of that genre.

The opener is so melodic that you will already be looking forward to listening to the rest of the quite short album. It contains very calm and relax emo songs that are well done (You've Made Us Conscious, La Rivalita). To avoid that the album suffers from a too strong pop appeal, there are faster songs where the rock components are clearly stronger than the emotional ones. The Ultimate Cover Up and Rep Your Clique probably are the highlights from the more harder songs. My personal favourite however is It's Too Late, the most commercial track on the disc. The only disappointing track is Smoke And Mirrors where theAudition really forget to rock. It's so calm and banal that it could have been written by any AOR band from the Eighties.

But let's not forget that there are hardly any negative aspects to the record. For their next album, I would just prefer to hear some more songs because half an hour of music doesn't justify a full length release. The potential surely exists for theAudition, so they shouldn't hurry too much to get their next work done and wait until they are totally prepared.

There's a limited version of this CD where you get as a bonus a DVD containing 10 video clips from different Victory bands like Silverstein, June, The Junior Varsity, theAudition, The Hurt Process, Spitalfield, Hawthorne Heights, Straylight Run, Action Action and Aiden.

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