AVIAN - From The Depths Of Time

Avian - From The Depths Of Time

13 songs
55:06 minutes
***** *


Avian is a new US power metal all-star band formed by Yan Leviathan (Project F5). Other members in his project which has recently become a real band are ex-Megadeth bass player Dave Ellefson, David Small who's another member of Project F5, Roger Moore who has become too old to act as James Bond and has started a career as a guitarist. Finally the vocalist is Lance King (ex-Balance Of Power).

The band name is inspired by the novel Gardens Of Rama by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee where Avian is an intelligent and kind hearted bird-like creature. The name really fits because the music is not as silly and annoying as that of many recent releases of their label mates. The album starts with the obligatory boring intro, but the first songs As The World Burns and Black Masquerade are quite decent power metal songs stuck somehow in the Eighties. Comparisons to Iron Maiden and Helstar can be drawn to describe what to expect in a way. From the technical point of view, nothing bad can be said about Avian. But it's a bit a pity that the musicians often don't dare to play their songs harder. The Fear and Time Is All We Need surely are good songs, but heavier guitars and fiercer vocals wouldn't have done any serious harm. Other songs like Blinding Force and Single Blade Of Vengeance show that power metal can have some serious depth and doesn't need to sound the same way for every new band. There is enough light on the record, but not enough to hide dark moments like the instrumental Across The Millions which contains too long guitar solos and the ballad Time And Space that a real metal head isn't supposed to listen to.

Avian have done a decent start with their debut. They should concentrate more on 80s speed and power metal and then the chances are very good that their next album will show a huge improvement.

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