BACKFIRE! - The War Starts Here

Backfire! - The War Starts Here

6 songs
15:54 minutes
***** ***
I Scream

In the Spring of '94, four friends from the Netherlands decide to found a band and to play the music they love: old school hardcore. This was the birth of Backfire!. Meanwhile, they have released three full-length CDs and two EPs. Main inspirations of Backfire! seem to be bands like Warzone, Madball and 25 Ta Life. In general their songs are short, fast and full of mosh parts. But on Once Again, Backfire! prove that groovier stuff, not played at maximum speed, belong to their repertoire, too. The strangest song is the bonus track where Backfire! get supported by Tony Mitzel. I don't know that dude, but he's not only looking, but also sounding like a middle aged metal intellectual. The song is called Let's Fuck Tonight and can be considered as the surprise coronation of this well entertaining EP. Although Backfire! are just playing traditional hardcore, songwriting and production are excellent. The bonus track shows that the band doesn't exclude a solid portion of humour.

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