BAD LUCK CHARMS - Bad Luck Charms

Bad Luck Charms - Bad Luck Charms

11 songs
25:39 minutes
***** **
I Scream


Kerry Martinez is better known as co-founder of US punk legend U.S. Bombs where he plays the guitar and occasionally does some backing vocals. Apparently the singing must have gotten to him, because he founded a new band, Bad Luck Charms, where he is the lead vocalist and also guitarist.

But don’t expect this Brooklyn four-piece to be a U.S. Bombs copy. There are a few punk elements hidden in the background, but mostly this band is about dirty rock’n’roll with an incredible sleaze feeling. This is of course nothing new, the Hanoi Rock and the Dead Boys did the very same thing already twenty-five years ago. Nevertheless Bad Luck Charms are smart enough to have an ear for catchy material. With One Track Mind, Untouchable and Superstition (their only track longer than three minutes), there are even three undisputable hits on board.

There is no weak material on the album, but the running time of hardly twenty-six minutes is a little meagre after all. Despite the absence of anything original is their self-titled CD a fun listening experience.

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