Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus

10 songs
52:49 minutes
***** *****


Since Dillinger Escape Plan made it really big, there has been an amazing emergence of bands performing similarly crazy music. Between The Buried And Me released their debut on Lifeforce Records and are now signed to Victory who just released their follow-up The Silent Circus. Although we have come to expect from their new label mostly melodic emo bands lately, BTBAM don't let themselves be deterred by that and still display the kind of hectic hysteria that can be described as math metal or extreme death metal hardcore or whatever.

Like many of their contemporaries, they may not be 100% original, but they manage to go pretty much their very own way, by combining ultra-progressive rhythms with infernal growls, that at the most unusual times are sweetened by keyboards or clean vocals, all of these latter ingredients never having the aspect of a gimmick but always merging seamlessly into the overall sound.

Although you are guaranteed to not remember any melodies here - which you won't either with Meshuggah and they are gods too - there are songs that draw you attention. Camilla Rhodes is unbelievably complex, whereas (Shevanel Take 2) comes as a short ballad. Centrepiece may be the long Ad A Dglgmut (and what the fuck is that supposed to mean?) which combines all the elements I have mentioned already.

The really cool thing about an album like The Silent Circus is that you have two modes of listening: if you have the time, check the musical intricacies and enjoy the musical genius hidden in these aggressive monster tunes, but the album is also guaranteed to give you a great headbanging time. 10 points!

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