BLACK HALOS - We Are Not Alone

Black Halos - We Are Not Alone

12 songs
40:50 minutes
***** ***
People Like You


The Black Halos are from the Canadian town Vancouver, play punk rock and have been active since 1999. Although they’ve been around for nearly a decade, We Are Not Alone is so far only the band’s fourth longplayer. Never really original, the Black Halos still succeed with their authentic time travel back into 1977.

The Black Halos borrow ingredients from typical Seventies punk bands like Sex Pistols, Ramones and Undertones, but also add rock elements reminiscent of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. It’s the Canadians’ playing passion that elevates their album far above your average punk outfit. Vocalist Billy Hopeless’ hoarse voice, located somewhere between Feargal Sharkey and Leatherface’s Frankie Stubbs, is another strong point for the band which also takes care to add enough musical variety. Some tracks strongly emphasise melody, like the opener Disbelief and Monstrosity. Other pieces have a snottier approach full of street credibility, like the party song Madam Merlot which the Backyard Babies could have written on a good day.

The fun stops after forty minutes, although I could have made it through two or three further songs. We Are Not Alone is an entertaining piece of timeless punk rock.

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