Black Shape Of Nexus & Kodiak - Split-LP

2 songs
38:48 minutes
***** ***

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I count myself among the heretics who prefer CDs and even digital music to old-fashioned vinyl records, but even I admit that split album still work best on the traditional analogue medium, especially in the case of bands that use their side for a single long track. It’s not even been half a year since Kodiak’s last split LP, back then with Nadja. Now they are back, this time sharing the record’s space with Black Shape Of Nexus.

It doesn’t matter which side you listen to first, so for the sake of alphabetical order, I start with Black Shape Of Nexus, a German doom metal sextet specialised in the creation of really long and very sludgy sonic nightmares. The vocals have a certain death metal affinity, and discreetly used keyboards give their twenty-two minute epic VIIIe a vaguely psychedelic aura. They have certainly not reinvented the genre, but manage all the same to add their own signature style, resulting in a fully enjoyable work of music that is drifting away only towards the end when it heads into a more ambient direction.

Kodiak have only half the number of musicians, and consequently do without vocals and keyboards. Their music is even less conventional, using the ingredients of doom metal and adding the textures of drone and ambient. Their track Town Of Machine is comparatively short with “only” seventeen minutes, but shows the three-piece once again from their most apocalyptic side.

Doom metal fans with a taste for the more daring who still own record players should by all means get this limited vinyl split-LP which comes in two differently coloured pressing: 420 pieces on black vinyl and 180 pieces on brown vinyl with black spatters.

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