BURNT BY THE SUN - The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good

Burnt By The Sun - The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good

11 songs
32:18 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


Last year I was totally blown away by Burnt By The Sun's debut full-length Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution, which at the time was among the best albums of its genre. Since then, post hardcore, math metal and similar noisy oddities have been booming, and the question was if BBTS were able to follow up with a worthy successor. The short answer is: yes! The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good is still not what I expected: where the debut was a collection of more or less straight forward songs, the new CD has a much more experimental build and makes it therefore less accessible, which may annoy in the beginning but is very rewarding later on.

The opener Abril Los Ojos and the three symbolically titled experimental pieces are kind of unlistenable, trying to give the fan the feeling of switching between TV channels, although the last one is one tone held for 40 minutes, I guess even the band members themselves haven't listened to that yet entirely! But in-between, you find the proof that BBTS have improved as a band, with Forlani probably the best song they've written so far, combining grindcore parts with great melody without ever wimping out. Other great songs like 180 Proof, Patient 957 and Spinner Dunn experiment also with different styles, with the great result of always sounding unique and homogenous at the same time.

Those who liked their debut will come to love the new one also, otherwise I can only recommend very heartily this CD to anyone who likes complex hard metal-core with an angry attitude.

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