CALLENISH CIRCLE - Pitch Black Effects

Callenish Circle - Pitch Black Effects

10 songs
43:29 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Pitch Black Effects is the fifth CD by Callenish Circle from Holland, one of Europe's best death metal bands. But as there weren't many innovations on their last records, I wondered if they could present something new on this record. And indeed, they did.

A surprise is the choice of the new producer. Andy Classen did an excellent work on their last record Your Passion / My Pain, but Callenish Circle changed to Gail Liebling, founder of Gail Of God. Mr Liebling is fortunately a better producer than musician and no one can complain about his work on Pitch Black Effects.

Although I mentioned some changes, they are of course not too radical. You still find plenty brutal death metal songs with growling vocals but also huge amounts of melodic guitar lines. This Day You Regret is an excellent opener, but not a big improvement to the last album that already had quite a high level. Even if most songs are quite harmonic, for a death metal band, there are some surprises. I've never heard Callenish Circle as brutal as on Behind Lines. Guess Again is extremely groovy and there are even two more epic tracks showing slight black metal tendencies (Self-Inflicted, As You Speak). Ignorant is a very crude and raw track, but it's the first time that Callenish Circle have been working with electronica and industrial elements. The biggest surprise is Schwarzes Licht, sung in German and containing female vocals.

Nowadays it's rather hard to be innovative in the death metal community. Callenish Circle however have shown that it is possible to carry new elements into the genre without ignoring its own roots.

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