THE CALORIFER IS VERY HOT! - Evolution On Stand-By

The Calorifer Is Very Hot! - Evolution On Stand-By

12 songs
35:28 minutes
***** ***
We Were Never Being Boring


Lo-fi used to be quite exciting many years ago when it felt like a counter-movement to the overly produced music that was dominating the music market. It is often forgotten that the early pioneers sounded so basic because they didn’t have the means for a more professional recording, and stood out only because of their spectacular musical qualities. Nowadays there’s a lot of bands trying to emulate the sound without having the sparking ideas, thus robbing the genre of its initial charm.

Fortunately there are exceptions to the rule, like The Calorifer Is Very Hot! from Ferrara in Northern Italy. The three-piece sounds incredibly laid back on its second longplayer Evolution On Stand-By that comes with a carefree mood that probably only living in a Mediterranean climate can create. Although the core instruments are guitar, keyboards and drums, the band doesn’t shy away from other instruments. A varied sound doesn’t make a good album yet, so we get an inconspicuously magnificent songwriting that seems rooted in the Sixties beat era, with the strongest parallel being the Kinks, maybe due to the similar characteristic vocals.

The Calorifer Is Very Hot are playing their way through their dozen songs in thirty-five minutes, and when the CD ends, you’re amazed at how entertaining and fun the ride was. It’s rare to discover a band that manages to combine alluring songwriting with the aesthetics of lo-fi recording. The production is basic but utterly transparent, allowing an undiluted listening experience that every indie rock fan with a sense of quality should approve of.

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