CENTVRION - Invulnerable

Centvrion - Invulnerable

11 songs
49:35 minutes

Normally Dragonheart Records from Italy is a sure sign that you get traditional heavy metal with quality. Unfortunately Italian power heavy metal veterans Centvrion (and yes, they like their name being written with a "v") are the exception to the rule. Having released three albums on the lesser known Scarlet label since 1999, their fourth release Invulnerable is also their first one for Dragonheart. After an intro (yawn), Virtus shows us the way for most of what is to follow: powerful heavy metal, clearly influenced by Judas Priest and Accept. That by itself wouldn't be so bad, as there are hardly any innovators in the traditional metal genre (and that's not even the goal behind it). What makes it bad is for once the really not good singer who's forcing his vocals too much, putting too much pressure on his vocal chords, thus sounding like a pig that's being slaughtered. The songwriting doesn't help either. Although, apart from the really awful ballad Transcendence that ends the album, everything is played in an aptly professional way, the tremendous lack of originality and good ideas make listening to Invulnerable very tedious.

Italy has so many great heavy metal bands on display (Rhapsody, DoomSword,...) and lots of very talented ones, so I don't see why you should spend money or time with this Centvrion whose only glimpse of originality is the way they write their name? If you really need to have every album that has lots of dual guitar solos and testosterone squirting from the edges, then this is for you, but I doubt that in these days of overkill label release policies, you really should check this one out.

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