CHÂLICE - Shotgun Alley

Châlice - Shotgun Alley

12 songs
50:05 minutes


I really thought that all posers on Earth had passed away during the passage to the new millennium, but it seems that I was wrong. Châlice from Hamburg, Germany present a hard rock album that is totally out of time. Comparisons to poser acts like Bon Jovi or Cinderella can't be denied.

The album starts with the most stupid intro I've ever heard. The first real song Opera Burns shows some promise, but eventually it turns out to be nothing more like a very light version of Savatage. Châlice (with the circumflex doesn't make them look better) do not at all have the same energy in their music or the same depth in their song writing. But then it really gets bad. The title song is a pure pop song, Hollywood Daze is a dreadful Bon Jovi clone, Shadow Of My Soul is a little different because of slide guitars and Price Of Love is an unnecessary ballad. The following five songs are very simple, banal and impossible to listen to twice. Worst of all are the dominant keyboards which often are louder than the guitars. Sorry, but that's not the meaning of rock music.

This album has disappointed me very much because the cover artwork doesn't look too bad. Anyway if you think that you really must have this piece of poser pop rock, you might as well get the limited version containing a best of CD (a blank CD?) with songs taken from Châlice's first four albums.

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