CHIEF MART'S - Peter Erdnuss

Chief Mart's - Peter Erdnuss

8 songs
45:44 minutes
***** ****


I don't like to say it, but it's a fact: Chief Mart's are a band that, two years ago, took advantage of the Emergenza competition, not only made a more than worthwhile comeback, but also gave their whole sound an incredible facelift. Two years ago, the excellent Morning Maniac Music gave already ample proof, and the long awaited Peter Erdnuss makes no exception. But don't worry, it's not MMM Number 2, but shows the band evolving into a more mature direction.

The album starts with NizNiz, a song that could have been also on their previous album, except that it shows the band from their spaciest direction yet. This is pure British psychedelia made in Luxembourg. The following Gnac is a more laid back tune, before we get the Chief Mart's übersong Mr. le Berquot, which is impossible to describe in one word. It starts with a short horn section accompanied cheesy intro, before a latino guitar takes over the song, swapping leads with a terrific electric piano. The moving melody will be getting so close to your heart that you will never want to listen to Carlos Santana again. The discreet jazzy drums in the background undermine the song's genial success. Funnily enough, Jean Pierre 1000 (already known from the DisAgreement compilation), although another highlight, shows the band from their more rocking side.

The second half of the album begins with the traditional weirdo track, entitled this time Catt-E-Nom. Unlike on their last album, this track has something really special, reminding me of some dubious early Seventies krautrock. The next two pieces, the eight minute long Blue Black Green Boulanger and Seaint, are typical Chief Mart's, with an overall mellow undertone but coming with lots of groovy rhythms and tons of these psyched out guitars we like so much. Especially the former long track takes some time getting used to but then shows why Chief Mart's are the best band in Luxembourg at the moment. The album ends with the strangely titled Opulod 04, the band's second latino track and giving (possibly not only me) the impression that this is a direction where they truly excel. But then we wouldn't want an album with exclusively that kind of songs because it's the variety that still makes it.

There are hardly any backing vocals, showing that Chief Mart's feel completely at ease in their instrumental genre, any why not? Most vocal bands don't even come close to their songwriting skills. The song titles still don't make sense, but we're used to that since a long time already. The cover may be a bit bleak, but if you happen to have children, they can colour Peter Erdnuss and his mate. Apart from Gnac and Seaint, you get six perfect psyche space rock songs which you will never forget, so what are you waiting for? Get this album!

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