CLEAN STATE - Demo 2002

Clean State - Demo 2002

6 songs
32:57 minutes
***** ****

Clean State are one of Luxembourg's most popular metal bands. They have been very busy during the last three years and have now already released their third CD containing six tracks. If you compare the new demo with Scraping The Barrel which came out two years ago, Clean State have changed a lot. The cover artwork is still as professional as on the predecessor, but they have done great progress regarding their sound. This is a quite respectable work considering that all songs were recorded and mixed in guitar player Mackel's basement studio on 8 tracks. The opener Consequence is the most groovy and accessible song on the CD. Human Plague is a slower song, maybe the band's weakest song. Biowar isn't a very fast song either, but it's much more brutal. Quite an actual subject in times of anthrax, if you consider that the song got written over a year ago. Misery is a successful mixture of groove and brutality, my favourite song on this CD. Another jewel is Green River, where singer Marcel is screaming his guts out of his throat. Sick Dreams is a more experimental song where Clean State are using voice distortions. Here you can notice some parallels to Marilyn Manson.

On the whole, Clean State are a great neo metal band. Sometimes their songs are still a bit too long, but at least they contain a necessary part of brutality and aggression.

For more information, write to:
Marc Matter, 66 rue Belair, L-4514 Differdange
You can also contact the band by email or check out their homepage.

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