Cornflames - 197666

5 songs
17:40 minutes
***** **


The first time I heard the Cornflames from Belgium was in 2003 with The Farewell Drive, a very decent pop punk album. On their new EP (197666 means that all four band members were born in 1976), Cornflames continue with their combination of noisy guitars, emotional vocals and a tendency towards melodic pop elements. If comparisons have to be made, I would come up with Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World. Cornflames are especially inspired by the American emo scene. All songs are built on very melodic structures, but they regularly are interrupted by angrier parts. But Cornflames are never too extreme and each song could be used as a radio or single edit. If you like guitar driven melodies and passionate choruses, then this EP will definitely please you. 197666 is a harmless work with anticipatable music. The only original surprise is a cover version of an Inspiral Carpets song, an indie band from the Nineties that is these days all but forgotten.

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