COR SCORPII - Monument

Cor Scorpii - Monument

8 songs
47:31 minutes
***** ****
Descent Productions


Cor Scorpii rose from the ashes of Windir who were active in the Norwegian black metal scene from 1994 to 2004. The band had just reached its zenith when their vocalist Terje Bakken left his flat in the middle of winter, and was found later nearby dead from hypothermia. The remaining members decided to continue with two new bands: Vreid and Cor Scorpii.

Three former Windir members are in Cor Scorpii, whose sound should appeal to fans of their previous band. Black metal is still the name of the game, but there are now fewer Viking elements and additional folk influences. What the songs all have in common is their enormous speed, only the short instrumental Helvetesfossen combines electronica with ambient atmospheres, making it an ideal moment of relaxation. Despite the incredible pace, Cor Scorpii know how to insert different moods into their songwriting. There are for instance folklore parts that sound at times Northern and at times Eastern European. You’ll also find symphonic and epic movements that are counteracted by raw assaults, so that listening never becomes boring. Highlight on this excellent CD are the moving hymn Our Fate, Our Curse and the festive ten minute long Oske Og Innsikt, which is the definitive stand-out track on the album.

Cor Scorpii have succeeded in creating an extremely diverse black metal album that doesn’t have to hide between their Windir past. Cor Scorpii’s image is more value-neutral, so that there is no danger of being associated with radical right ideologies. If Cor Scorpii continue with this Úlan, it’s only a matter of time until they are at the very top of the black metal movement.

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