COSMOKIOSK - Wir lassen von uns hören

CosmoKiosk - Wir lassen von uns hören

12 songs
43:10 minutes
***** *


There is hardly any information to be found on the homepage of Nuremberg based band CosmoKiosk, but at least it tells that their debut When The Sound Comes Closer came out already in 2003. As no other records are mentioned, I assume that Wir lassen von uns hören is the follow-up whose title indicates that the band has switched to German lyrics.

The album starts nicely with Fang von vorne an, a parade example of catchy diskurs pop. But is it justified to use this term a dozen years after the movement’s zenith years? No matter what, comparisons to Tocotronic, Die Sterne and Blumfeld are hard to deny. Some tracks are more upbeat, like Irgendwie anders with its strong beat, and the electronic title track reminding a little of The Robocop Kraus, furthermore surprising with a cool brass arrangement. I was still quite excited after the first four tracks, but soon realised with regret that the band was running out of steam. The following four songs are just too mellow for my taste. Afterwards Nur ein Traum and Das darf doch gar nicht wahr sein prove that CosmoKiosk can write engaging material if they just try hard enough, but the last two tracks could have been more agitated.

I am conscious of the fact that Micropal is mostly releasing quiet-minded artists, but CosmoKiosk are definitely strongest when they add some beat to their music, which unfortunately happens only on half their material. The band is far from hopeless, but they should abandon their cultivated boredom for a more rocking attitude, and they had every chance of becoming the next big thing!

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