CRYONIC TEMPLE - Blood, Guts & Glory

Cryonic Temple - Blood, Guts & Glory

10 songs
46:15 minutes


Initially Cryonic Temple from Sweden wanted to create something between melodic proginess and dark atmospherics, according to their history, but then decided to "let the heavy metal beast out of its cage". Mmmh, to bad, this might otherwise have become something interesting and original, but now you just have another true metal band with moronic song titles like Mercenaries Of Metal, The Story Of The Sword, Long Live The Warriors, and the list goes on and on.

What really angers me here is that the instrumentation is mostly very good (far better then German metal clowns Majesty for instance), and the production is as tights as it can be, but the absolute refusal to let anything original get into the way of the songwriting destroys every good effort you have here. Bands like this were better off just playing cover versions of the bands they admire (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Manowar) instead of coming up with little exciting sound clones.

Those who want to get the biggest contemporary collection of modern true metal will of course get also Blood, Guts & Glory, but otherwise I doubt that even metal maniacs will have the resources to purchase this.

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