CULT OF LUNA - Eviga Riket

Cult Of Luna - Eviga Riket

8 songs
107:00 minutes
C.O.L. Press


Swedish band Cult Of Luna began their career in 1998 and have ever since seen their fan-base grow by bringing innovative ideas into and thus defining the post metal genre. Their five albums received great reviews without an exception, their first official DVD Fire Was Born came out in 2009.

All of these items were released by Earache, which is not the case for their newest work where the band is trying something completely new: Eviga Riket is a hardcover book which comes with a complimentary audiobook DVD reading the text in two languages: Swedish by actress Sara Arnia, English by Scottish actress Anna Guthrie. Untrained in Swedish, I can only applaud Ms. Guthrie who does a very professional job, allowing even non-native speakers to understand everything without subtitles. Most of the time, there is only the reading voice, but occasional short breaks occur, filled with dark sounds courtesy of Cult Of Luna. The DVD has been subdivided into eight parts running between 4 and 23 minutes. Every part comes with a different background charcoal drawing by Belgian artist Joris Vanpoulke.

Eviga Riket tells the tragic story of Holger Nilsson (not to be mistaken for Nils Holgersson) who was – erroneously? – found guilty of his wife’s murder. In prison he wrote his memoir which Cult Of Luna chose to combine with real historical facts. The more literary inclined fans might find the narrative very instructive, but I have to admit that it was all a bit much for me. This is not meant as a criticism but is just the highly subjective view of someone not really into poetry.

Cult Of Luna took quite a risk with this project. The promo version even asks people not to put any illegal copies online because the band financed this labour of love all by themselves and intend to invest any possible profit into their upcoming CD. Despite not getting any pleasure out of Eviga Riket, I consider myself still a fan of Cult Of Luna whose apocalyptic sounds are as great on CD than live on stage. I forego a rating but am convinced that the finished product (the promo came as a DVD in a white paper sleeve) has quite a lot to offer for the avid collector.

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