CYCLORAMA - Meeting Planets

Cyclorama - Meeting Planets

9 songs
43:21 minutes
***** **


Karma Lounge is one of the few local bands I have never seen play live, so it’s somewhat ironic that I get to review the solo album of their guitarist Sebastien, whose project Cyclorama cannot deny the psychedelic roots of his other band, but the guitars take a much more subdued role when he’s by himself. Meeting Planets, his first real solo output, offers nine instrumental downtempo tracks that combine elements of trip hop, dub, post rock and psychedelic music, all of it in an electronic sound that manages throughout the CD to sound organic and quite alive. The beats have enough variety to make Meeting Planets also an interesting experience for those who normally are not so much into laptop or sampler music, and the samples are used so smartly that they fit seamlessly into the overall sound.

It’s hard to pick out any outstanding track, but Cyclorama has no problems keeping the level high from the opener Saphyr to the final It’s “Music Or Die!”, a ballad with female vocals that could was also featured on the Schnurstrax Compilation 07/08. The previously released Plastic Sunburst is the album’s highlight, creating an ambient psychedelic feeling that sounds like an electronic cousin of Ozric Tentacles, with just as much weird mysticism strewn in between.

Recently signed by the net label Schnurstrax, you can download a 128kbits version for free by clicking on this link, but those who want to enjoy the total sonic depths of Meeting Planets might as well try to get the original CD. Nice moody music for fans of downtempo electronic music who crave more than just ambient soundscapes without actually wanting to dance.

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