DAWNRIDER - Fate Is Calling (Pt. 1)

DawnRider - Fate Is Calling (Pt. 1)

13 songs
54:47 minutes


DawnRider is a new project by Tarek Maghary (he has good chances to win the best metal look award with his enormous moustache) from Majesty, the band that never received more than 1 point out of 10 on DisAgreement Online. This good old tradition won't change with his new project. Fate Is Calling is a concept album about the eternal fight of good versus evil. This idea is so great that it nearly knocked me out. More interesting is the list of musicians who contributed to the record. There are some real personalities like Bob Rock, James Rivera and the singers from popular metal acts like Paragon, Wizard, Manilla Road and Rebellion. Well known musicians are ex-Manowar guitar player Ross The Boss, of course nearly every Majesty member and some musicians from minor metal bands.

Although this name dropping may sound quite promising, I have a lot of problems with the record. First of all, there is not one single surprising moment on it and I have already heard hundreds of similar songs before. Secondly I think that there are too many members in this project. A German proverb says that too many cooks are spoiling the porridge. And the lack of direction is very annoying. The CD contains pseudo-epic structures, dramatic moments, the obligatory mid-tempo numbers and ballads, etc. Two songs have a female singer and it's very nasty how she copies Nightwish. DawnRider surely wouldn't like this comparison, but it's too obvious. One of the singers is so bad that you don't know if he's singing or coughing.

Even the production often isn't good enough for such an epic metal piece. The guitars on The Fear are worse than the synth guitar on my old Amiga back in 1992. The male backing vocals sound like being kicked in the balls. And the track DawnRider has chances to become the worst metal song of all ages.

DawnRider should have become something special, but the result is only ridiculous. People who have already bought lots of metal albums don't need the first part of Fate Is Calling in their collection. First part?!? Oh dear, let's hope that the next one will be the last one. By the way the cover artwork looks like the fourth part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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