DEADLINE - We’re Taking Over

Deadline - We’re Taking Over

17 songs
47:20 minutes
***** ****
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It was only about three years ago when I first heard of Deadline who back then released their already fourth album Getting Serious. Due to tour activities and changes of band members, it took them three years to release their fifth album We’re Taking Over which contains four new studio songs and thirteen live tracks which have been recorded last year in Germany.

The new material affirms that Deadline haven’t lost any of their charm yet. Although two Frenchmen made it into the line-up, Deadline still sound as English as before. There’s hardly any other band that combines punk and pop in such a charming and unique way. Vocalist Liz Rose convinces with an extraordinary voice that lies somewhere between Kim Wilde and Debbie Harry. Three of the new songs continue the familiar but great Deadline style. We Are Not American even contains ska elements reminding of Madness.

The live tracks show the band from a far less polished side. To convey an authentic live feeling, no overdubs have been used. Even the few playing mistakes have been left untouched. Deadline sound much dirtier and faster on stage, which is part of their charm. The choice of the tracklist is optimal. My personal highlights are Take No Chances, Liar and The Way We Were, but I am sure everyone will discover their own favourites.

Even those who are not familiar with every Deadline album can enjoy We’re Taking Over. The four new songs make hungry for more, and this is also the first time you get to hear the band live on record.

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