DISHWATER PSYCHICS - Grave Country Fondle

Dishwater Psychics - Grave Country Fondle

12 songs
35:36 minutes
***** ****
Friendly Psychics Music

Released already in mid-2008, it took the fourth Dishwater Psychics CD Grave Country Fondle nearly two years to find its way to DisAgreement Online. I wonder why that long delay, because this band is, next to Brainswarm and Derecho, among the strongest on the small independent label.

The trio shows signs of artistic inbreeding as two members are also involved with the label. John Wenzel is in charge of vocals, guitar and keyboards, Chris Jones plays the bass and sings the backing vocals. I have not yet encountered anywhere else Dan Miller who plays guitar, keyboards and also adds some backing vocals. Fourth member is a beat machine.

Dishwater Psychics were founded in Dayton, Ohio back in 1999 and released three albums and one EP until 2001 when the band went on hiatus until 2006. As is customary on this label, there is a strong emphasis on home recording techniques, meaning that the musicians have never actually met in a recording studio, but sent their parts to each other. Nevertheless the final result sounds astonishingly homogenous. Dishwater Psychics play quiet rock music that never sounds cheesy, even though Phlegm Widows has a certain campfire flair. At times they turn to pop (Empty Medicine, Bingo Hall Backdrop), but can just as well sound melancholic (Pride And A Musty Quilt, Time Files), no matter how, they always come across very relaxingly. John Wenzel is furthermore gifted with an extraordinarily pleasant voice. If you really have to come up with a comparison, you might name R.E.M., although Dishwater Psychics sound much more authentic and sincere.

After a good half hour, you will find yourself disappointed that the album has already found its conclusion. Just listen to it again, because you won’t grow tired of this excellent band.

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