DOMINE - Stormbringer Rules – The Legend Of The Power Supreme

Domine - Stormbringer Rules

9 songs
58:12 minutes
***** *

Domine belong to the most popular Italian epic Power Metal bands. They have already been founded in 1986 and had to release 4 demo tapes before obtaining a record deal in 1997. Their meanwhile third CD Stormbringer Rules is the logical consequence of Dragonlord, the second CD by Domine. I'm not a very big fan of classic metal and listening to Stormbringer Rules is no easy task to me. Surely, instrumentation, vocals, songwriting and production are very good, but quite typical for that kind of music. It's easy to detect Domine's roots: take the hymns of Manowar and mix them up with the progressive moments of Queensr˙che, and you get more or less Domine's style. But there are nevertheless some real jewels on the CD. My favourites are the fast True Leader Of Men and The Ride Of The Valkyries, a song inspired by the music of Richard Wagner. Although the CD is in general played on a very high level, it's a kind of music that can't convince me too much.

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