DR. SLAGGLEBERRY - Dr. Slaggleberry

Dr. Slaggleberry - Dr. Slaggleberry

4 songs
10:38 minutes


London four-piece Dr. Slaggleberry is another young aspiring math chaos prog metal band, and had they surfaced five to ten years earlier, their crazy brand of out-of-this-world musicianship would have made an impact, but times have changed, and with bands like Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan and Blood Brothers raising the genre to a new level, the four tracks on this debut EP somehow come across rather dull. The guys know to play their instruments, and that’s a strength they should build on in the future, but their short compositions lack any hooks, the production is too muddy for twenty-first century expectations, and the hysterically screamed vocals maybe want to convey a Mike Patton dementia but just drown like white noise in the mix.

It’s easy for Dr. Slaggleberry to dismiss or to have dismissed more popular genre bands as having wimped out, but it is an art in itself to combine chaos and catchiness. As their home country has the best example of such a band, the Cardiacs, maybe it’s time for Dr. Slaggleberry to take a few lessons from these prunk veterans, and write next time just as complex tracks, but with a catchiness and a more transparent production that makes you want to listen to them again. There sure enough is enough talent, they just need to focus it into more song-like directions.

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