DYNAMITE DRESDEN - Saufen, Ficken, Mopped Fah'n EP

Dynamite Dresden - Saufen, Ficken, Mopped Fah'n EP

29 songs
43:35 minutes

Sometimes you get real weird punk stuff from Germany. Dynamite Dresden don't seem to be a real band, but a fun project. On the intro, a musician from the Mad Caddies is told to say that Dynamite Dresden are real shit, what may be right from the musical point of view. More prescious than the music are the lyrics which shouldn't be taken to seriously, either. BW-Doof is about the German army, SM Politesse makes fun of female police agents and Rentnerrecycling is a special opinion about old people. Very strange is the use of samples from Monchichi, those bizarre teddies. You can't expect a very high sound quality from this self-production, but there are however some real jewels on the CD: the title track is a little Oi punk hymn, Fascho-Putze putz or Die Tanke may become the band's personal hits. A big influence from Dynamite Dresden are Die Kassierer and they dedicate to their idols the song Mein Vater ist Sänger von den Kassierern. Who doesn't dream of having Wölfi as his dad? Dynamite Dresden just play party music and I think that you may enjoy it live much more than on CD where the chaotic punk feelings are missing.

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