EMINENCE - The God Of All Mistakes

Eminence - The God Of All Mistakes

10 songs
38:12 minutes
***** **


Brazilian metal makes you think at first of Sepultura, then probably Soulfly. The Brazilian four-piece Eminence, active since 1995, seems to be influenced by those two milestone bands, although there are also a few elements of Pantera, Machine Head and Fear Factory. The final result is a modern mix of thrash metal, hardcore and even a little alternative rock.

Their new CD The God Of All Mistakes, released four years after their last effort Humanology, had the band travelling to Denmark where they met up with Tue Madsen, member of the Danish metal band Grope, but more famous for crafting killer productions for bands like The Haunted, Mnemic and Dark Tranquility. Eminence is therefore sporting a very brutal sound. Even though the songs have a lot of change of pace, there is never a lack of aggression. Originality is not a priority, which doesn’t matter in this case as the band is most of the time playing with the pedal to the metal. My two favourite tracks are Day 7 and Undermind, who both have melodic choruses that remind me of Waltari, a welcome variation after all this thrashing.

There’s much more good than bad on The God Of All Mistakes. The CD has a truly fat sound, which is important for this kind of music. It’s also positive that the band can switch between different genres without ever staying anywhere for too long. The running time of thirty-eight minutes is not very long, but again no big deal with this kind of music. Wallace Parreiras’ voice is oscillating skilfully between growl and melodic singing. You can only blame Eminence for not being the first band to practice this kind of extreme crossover, something similar has already been done before by Devildriver, for instance. The God Of All Mistakes will definitely not start a revolution in the metal world, but is good enough to be listened to from time to time.

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