EXHUMED - Anatomy Is Destiny

Exhumed - Anatomy Is Destiny

11 songs
45:10 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


The third album by Exhumed is again a very brutal and gory extreme metal album. Compared to their two first CDs, Exhumed have changed their music into a more classic old school death metal direction. Although I'm not familiar with their two first albums Gore Metal and Slaughtercult, I'm astonished how precise and complex the musical arrangement are on the new CD. The huge amount of variation on Anatomy Is Destiny is just fantastic. There are very brutal songs like The Matter Of Splatter, Arclight and especially Consuming Impulse. But melodic elements can be found too on several tracks (Under The Knife, In The Name Of Gore). All songs are taking advantage from a very fat and solid production, provided courtesy of Neil Kernon. Quite an astonishing work, considering that this man has so far mixed bands like Queensryche, Dokken or Judas Priest. My final words are that Exhumed's new record is one of the best extreme metal albums of 2003.

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