FALCONER - Grime vs Grandeur

Falconer - Grime vs Grandeur

10 songs
52:47 minutes
Metal Blade


On their first three albums, Falconer from Sweden presented a well done combination of metal and folklore, starting furiously with their debut, but the last CD seemed to lead them into a dead end street. With the new album there were a couple of line-up changes that changed the music quite considerably. Folk elements as on their early albums are very rare this time; one of the few exceptions is Jack The Knife, a pretty epic metal song. With the new guitar player come more guitar solos than anytime before on a Falconer record. Singer Kristoffer Göbel, who joined the band for the last record, also contributed to the songwriting this time. Falconer have become much harder, but the saturating (ab)use of choir vocals in the choruses becomes quickly annoying. Songs like I Refuse and Humanity Overdose could as well be fantasy metal as performed by Manowar or Blind Guardian. The folk elements became quite repetitive on the last Falconer album, but I still preferred them to the simple and traditional metal hymns we hear on the new record. It's very difficult to find highlights on Grime Vs. Grandeur, is so far Falconer's weakest album. I hope that they will go back to their roots on their next album. If they decide to make another album like this one, the time would be right to split up.

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