FIREWIND - Burning Earth

Firewind - Burning Earth

9 songs
44:42 minutes


At the moment, there's a huge overkill of identically sounding melodic power metal bands. One of those bands that really can't be distinguished from others is Firewind. What they play on Burning Earth doesn't distinguish itself very much from the debut's songs (Between Heaven And Hell). The Greek guitar player Gus G. can surely convince with his virtuosic guitar work, but this free guitar lessons guarantee to annoy all non-musicians. Even worse is singer Stephen Fredrick who's forcing every single word out of his throat. In general, Firewind try to be harder on this CD than on their debut and there are some melodic speed metal songs like Steal Them Blind or I Am The Anger, close to bands like Primal Fear or the early Helloween. Especially the double bass drums are played at an incredible speed. The songwriting itself is often very poor and especially Brother's Keeper has a nasty AOR touch. I already mentioned my problems with the vocals on this CD, but the instrumental The Fire And The Fury is no less annoying because Gus G. again shoves his talents right in your face. I seems that I don't like bands too much which names start with Fire (Firewind, Fireball, Firehouse,...) and I dare say that the best Greek metal is still provided by Septic Flesh, which is of course much more extreme than Firewind. Their debut got 7 points, but I'm meanwhile so fed up with this music that the score has done a considerable drop.

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