FOREVER SLAVE - Tales For Bad Girls

Forever Slave - Tales For Bad Girls

12 songs
48:27 minutes
***** **
Wacken / SPV


Spanish band Forever Slave has been founded in the year 2000 by Sergio and Lady Angellyca. Soon they were five, and self-released two EPs and a CD, before they finally obtained a deal which allowed them to release in 2005 Alice’s Inferno which generally received favourable reviews. Three years later, the band is back with Tales For Bad Girls, their second release on a label.

Forever Slave are a gothic band, but at least they try hard to distinguish themselves from the bulk of similar genre bands. They don’t yet manage to get rid of all the clichés, but they are already on the right track. It is laudable that the guitars play a more dominant role than the keyboards. The songwriting is mostly more than ok, with a lot of pop flair. Without being truly innovative, Forever Slave still manage without exception to give their songs nice melodies. Lady Angellyca’s voice could be a little firmer, and she doesn’t reach yet the level of Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), but she’s already on par with Atargatis’ Stephanie Luzie.

Forever Slave also flirt sometimes with nu metal ingredients. Three songs that have additional male vocals have harder guitars which makes for welcome variety. Lady Angellyca’s voice is sometimes distorted which doesn’t seem to fit into the overall sounds. The only unnecessary moment comes with the mandatory ballad The Lovers which sounds as kitsch as its name.

The lyrical concept of Tales For Bad Girls is rather interesting. Main topic is AIDS, which is looked at from different angles like same-sex relationships, cybersex and sexual abuse. It is obvious that Forever Slave have been working hard as well on the musical as on the lyrical side of their compositions, and I am convinced that they have made the best possible album at this stage of their career. If Lady Angellyca is working harder on her voice, the future can look even brighter for Forever Slave.

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