FUELBLOODED - Off The Faces Of The Earth

Fuelblooded - Off The Faces Of The Earth

9 songs
48:26 minutes
***** ***
My Kingdom


Fuelblooded from the Netherlands started in 2002 and have since then released new longplayers every four years. Off The Faces Of The Earth is therefore their third album. I have not been familiar with them before, but their mix of timeless thrash metal and death metal is quite appetising.

Apparently the band sounds this time considerably more melodic than on its predecessors, which does not necessarily have to be bad. Only the raw opener The Ends Starts Here reminds of Fuelblooded’s past. Despite death metal metalcore elements, the guitar solos and other melodic components are not neglected either. Especially their mid-tempo parts, as on When Passion Dies, draw parallels to Metallica. Actually their music feels like a trip twenty years back into the early thrash metal movement, when the genre was still young and fresh. They may not win a prize for originality, but their songs are infectious nonetheless. It’s unmistakable that the musicians take their craft seriously and do their best to sound as varied as possible. Even the instrumental The Wrath Of Aath succeeds and is more than just a mere filler, although I prefer their vocal tracks where the clear vocals sound better than the growls that somehow lack identity.

I heartily recommend this album to every thrash metal fan. There are not that many bands professing this genre nowadays, and when one manages to resurrect the good, old times, they should definitely deserve to be listened to.

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