GEORGE BELLAS - Venomous Fingers

George Bellas - Venomous Fingers

15 songs
55:32 minutes


George Bellas is a neo-classical guitar player and mostly sells educational CD-ROMs on his website. He released already two instrumental albums on Shrapnel Records, played guitar on CDs of other artists and just released his new instrumental work Venomous Fingers. To make a long story short, this is only aimed at those who are interested in the techniques. Bellas is a gifted musician, but if you made me listen to him beside, for instance, Vinnie Moore and Yngwie Malmsteen, I couldn't say who plays what. Come on, wanna-be pro guitar players, shake your heads about my ignorance, but then you wouldn't be able to name the main differences of the three classical strands of science fiction as depicted by Clarke, Asimov and Heinlein.

Anyway, I prefer Bellas for instance when he is playing on more straight music, as he did on Magellan's Hundred Year Flood, but what we get here is really not my thing. Apart from my personal opinion, this album is quite long with 15 tracks, half of which are short interludes, but Bellas shows that he can become also quite sprawling with the eleven minutes long Journey To The Stars.

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