GLASSEATER - Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down

Glasseater - Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down

10 songs
34:02 minutes
***** ****


Miami based Glasseater have released their fourth CD Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down, but it's their debut on Victory Records and the first one with the new singer. Compared to the works they have done so far, Glasseater have become sweeter than ever before, although I think that pop fans will still find their sound very aggressive. The opener Greetings... Goodbye is a song where huge melodies are confronted with Hot Water Music like screams. Although the singer has an excellent voice for pop punk passages (Art Of Communication could become a pop punk hymn), most songs often are interrupted by fierce emo core shouts. The album's heaviest song is called At Your Own Risk and surprises with metal guitars and raw hardcore shouts. Break Away is a song off Glasseater's debut four years ago and the new version is supposed to be more melodic. The most calm track however is the last one To Be Adored, surely suitable for the big masses, too. There are only few bands able to mix pop, rock, punk, emo and hardcore in such a genuine way as Glasseater do. It's just a pity that the CD doesn't contain three or four more songs.

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