GORELORD - Force Fed On Human Flesh

Gorelord - Force Fed On Human Flesh

9 songs
31:13 minutes
***** **
Baphomet / Suburban

Gore metal, horror metal, call it what you want. Gorelord is the one man project of Frediablo, a man who does everything to make his album look as relentless as possible. Itís set up in a similar way to a movie, it comes with stickers that declare "Strong Uncut Version" and "18+ Warning". The song titles are not for the weak minded: Crushed Skull On Christian Shoulders or Alive When Fucking The Dead are only two examples out of nine songs, all of which celebrate the nether instincts of humanity.

Now what about the music? Well, itís fast, brutal and very primitive death metal with somewhat black metal styled vocals, and I like it. Gorelord has a very straight approach, and the production is raw enough to be reminded some of the early cult classics, when energy prevailed over technology.

Thereís of course also some negative things that need to be pointed out: half an hour is a rather short running time for an album, considering the prices averaging 20 Euros or even more in record stores. Then I also have to say that I donít like the lyrics. The song titles let you expect feast of gore, but then youíre faced to lyrics that are just a numbering down of atrocities instead of elaborating the movie parallels in a nice and gory story.

With a better storyline, this album could have become a classic of the gore music scene, but as it is now, I can only recommend it as a very good and straight forward old school death metal album.

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