GOTHIC KNIGHTS - Up From The Ashes

Gothic Knights - Up From The Ashes

11 songs
61:28 minutes


The album cover depicting an eagle, a sword, two shields and flames lets you already guess that Gothic Knights are another superficial and superfluous power metal band. This American band started already 13 years ago and their obvious eighties power metal influences are easily to discern. All songs lack originality, very similar things have already been recorded during the last two decades. Gothic Knights try to bring variation on this record and you find anything from melodic power metal (Warrior Of Faith) to raw speed metal (The Witching Hour). But you find also other metal clichés on this record: the opener Power And The Glory is a traditional metal uptempo song and there's of course a (Europe-like) ballad called Dear Queen. Down In Flames is a typical metal hymn. Sleepy Hollow was not only a disappointing movie, but also has chances to become the worst metal song ever. Each of those songs has already been heard a thousand times before and I don't understand why such a warm-up as Gothic Knights could ever get a record deal. The review note is however 2 of 10 because there's a limited digipak version of this record where Gothic Knights are covering Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf.

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