GURKKHAS - A Life Of Suffering

A Life Of Suffering

8 songs
36:31 minutes
***** **

What a fitting day to write a review for the new Gurkkhas CD. It's Christmas morning as I write this down now, and rain is washing away the last bits of snow from last night, and it seems to be freezing down the streets pretty bad.

This French band used to play under the name Delayed Action Bomb, and although I have never heard of them before, their label points out that they were quite legendary in the underground. That's what I call oversaturation of the death metal scene. Anyway, the new name Gurkkhas may sound weird, but fits the musical genre of this band perfectly. The original Gurkkhas were respectively are an elite troupe of Asian warriors fighting for the English army, and they are armed with really long and weird knives. And it's exactly the brutality of an unrelenting war machine that you can expect from Gurkkhas.

A take no prisoners attitude and an unwavering tendency towards infernal speed transform their death metal into a real monster. But at the same time where this makes the album the perfect material for any headbanger, it also is one of its weaknesses. Not enough variety in the songwriting make it hard to discern one song from another, and after having heard through the 8 songs, you start to wonder if it was not just one really long song.

Gurkkhas are good musicians though, and the production is a real killer, which makes it possible to give this album a fair 7 point rating. It's headbanging stuff, and nothing to listen to with the goal of discovering interesting details.

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