HANNES ORANGE - Was ich meine

Hannes Orange - Was ich meine

5 songs
16:18 minutes
***** ***


After the release of a totally ignored debut CD on a major label, Hannes Orange decided to establish his own label Yeah Records and to release his own music the way he likes. The name sounds like a solo artist. Hannes Orange is indeed the head of this band consisting of three musicians. The album contains five songs used as an appetizer for the upcoming CD to be released in the middle of the year. The single Was ich meine is an excellent example for alternative German pop music. It is a very melodic song with some electronic sound effects. Feuer Frei is a very sing-along track that you are certain not to forget. Du fängst mich has a slow start, but it progresses strongly and Hannes Orange shows that they may even sometimes sound angry. Amsterdam is a melancholic song about a holiday in the Netherlands. It somehow reminds me of sad Boxhamsters songs. The last track is a remix of Was ich meine, sounding too synthetic. Nevertheless, the four regular songs are absolutely convincing and show that Hannes Orange are ready for a full-length album. They are great German performers, proving that their country has much more to offer than Juli, Silbermond and other likewise boring stuff.

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